Selecting what to wear for your photo session is fundamental and can sometimes cause unnecessary stress. That’s why a personalized styling consultation is included with every session.

What looks best in streetwear doesn’t always look best on camera. Based on your body type, your style, your age, and the looks you want to achieve, there are ideal looks for you on-camera.

For that reason, we spend the time with you to have a Wardrobe & Style Consult call before your photo session. We’ll help you find the right wardrobe options with the best fit, style, and looks. Together, we’ll create some uniquely beautiful looks just for you.

One way to add richness and depth to your session wardrobe is by selecting fabrics with textures such as soft laces, delicate tulle, vintage embroidery, and knits. These textures photograph wonderfully and flatter any silhouette.

Textures may be rough or smooth, coarse or fine, crisp or clingy, soft or stiff, thin or bulky, opaque or sheer, shiny or dull, heavy or light, or any combination of these characteristics. Textures might be divided into two categories, namely, tactile and visual textures. Tactile textures refer to the immediate tangible feel of a surface. Visual textures refer to the visual impression that textures produce to a human observer, which is related to local spatial variations of simple stimuli like color, orientation, and intensity in an image. Read more below.

a close up of lace fabrics on a white and cream hue by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer
a close up of ecru and white fabrics with texture and embroidery by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer
a close up of textured fabrics with sequins and ornaments in monotones by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer

All rights reserved. Copyright 2022. Photography by Paula Ortiz. New York City Family Photographer.

What To Look For When Selecting Textured Fabrics?


Choose soft neutral monochromatic hues as they guarantee a timeless look.

Soft Pastels and muted color palettes act as the perfect conductors to achieve the wow factor you love about my bright soft images.

Avoid heavy patterns and logos as these tend to add volume to the figure and distract the eye.


Classic never goes out of style, we want our family portraits to look elegant and up to date in 10, 20, 40, or 80 years. One way to guarantee our family photos won’t look dated and will sustain the test of time, is by selecting classic pieces.

Dressing for your body type is also important. Choosing the right silhouette and making sure the fitting is right makes for comfortable and confident body language.


Sequins, pearls, feathers, and crystals add dimension and spark.

Vintage and delicate handmade patterns make for an elegant way of including a little extra visual candy.

Expert Tips from a Professional Family Photographer

I hope these tips help you prepare for your newborn session.

Feel free to reach out as I love to support clients and emerging photographers during their session experience.

And if you find this information helpful, please share! With love, Pau.

Let's Style your session!

All of my sessions include a styling consultation in which I assist you in choosing the right outfit for you and your family. Additionally, you will receive a mood board with ideas and shopping links if requested.

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