Out with the old, In with the new Family Photographers

Being a Family Photographer in the most amazing city in the world has been an incredibly satisfying experience. Although at times challenging, I would define it as ever unique and inspiring.

Within five years of living in New York, I've met and worked with a full array of multicultural humans. One day I'm photographing a Quinceanera in Queens, the next day I'm at a Nigerian baby shower in Brooklyn, the following I'm photographing a Mitzvah at the Upper East Side, and the next I'm at a Dohl in Flushing. One week I'm working with a client on the Forbes 1000 list in Central Park, the next I'm at a hedge fund's penthouse in Hudson Yards for a Newborn session, and the one after I'm capturing a music icon kid's birthday in Williamsburg. It's been something beyond my wildest dreams and I'm lucky to have gained the trust of everyone that has chosen me as their photographer.

I'm part of a new generation of Family Photographers currently rising and offering a fresh set of visuals, possibilities, and ways to do things. We are the ones who focus on art and quality, the ones who enjoy the whimsical nature of working with kids, the ones who want to capture you without posing, and the ones whose creativity is inviting people to truly invest in their memories and appreciate the craftmanship behind a portrait.

At the same time, more and more people, clients, moms, and families are realizing the value of a good photographer, and the huge difference it makes to hire a professional.

It is a change from past perceptions of a Family Photographer being this sketchy character. Usually a friend, an everything photographer, or a family member with a camera. It is a change from the dominant male photographer, the one who made kids pose with their hands under the chin against the kitschy backdrop at school. The one who would make everyone look at the camera and say cheese.

For a long time, that was the only option families had for having yearly portraits taken. Atrocious, corny images with terrible lighting. A parade of cake smashes and props to no end. It was that or hiring your wedding photographer who reluctantly would agree to the session. Families were confronted with few options for so long, either having this super fancy session that would cost an eye and a kidney or the $150 session with that former Craiglist hustler.

Luckily, the tyranny of crappy Family Photos has come to an end. A new era of Family Photographers is here, some of the most amazing and talented businesswomen creating organic images that families will cherish for many generations to come. I'm happy to be here offering my talent to all the families in NYC and I'm grateful for your support.

a frontal view of a cereal dispenser at Kellogg's NYC photographed by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer
a candid moment of a jewish mother holding her toddler daughter in front of a fruit loops mural at Kellogg's NYC
a candid half portrait of a toddler boy laughing against a colorful mural during his birthday party in Manhattan
toddler brother and sister hugging against a colorful mural in primary colors photographed by Paula Ortiz NY Family
an open view of siblings hugging with a Kellogg's tucan mural in the background photographed by Paula Ortiz NY Family
a jewish mother with her toddler son during a candid moment against a Kellogg's mural in primary colors in Manhattan
a wide view of a jewish mom and her toddler son standing in front of a a colorful mural of Kelloggs characters in NYC
a jewish family of four standing in front of a colorful mural with blue and red photographed by Paula Ortiz NY Family
a candid view of a family of four standing in front of a colorful mural at Kellogg's NY Manhattan during a birthday
a candid full view of a family of four standing in front of a colorful mural photographed by Paula Ortiz NY Family

All rights reserved. Copyright 2022 Photography by Paula Ortiz. New York City Family Photographer

An honest perspective from a Professional Photographer

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