Newborn Photography in the Hudson Valley, NY

I woke up super early in the morning and headed over to the Hudson Valley in New York (I love Upstate NY) to photograph little baby Ara's Newborn session at home with her family.

I absolutely enjoyed photographing her tiny details and all the interactions with her family. Especially with her big brother Ore, whom I photographed four years ago when he was just a year old!

Time flies and I love seeing my families grow. It’s such an honor to somehow become part of their stories by being the one who captures these special first moments.

Newborn sessions are relaxed and organic. However, we prepare in advance in order to make the session day stress-free and easy. These are the must-haves I recommend to all my clients for Newborn sessions: An neutral color soft toy (preferably knitted), a solid-soft colored swaddle, a white onesie, and soft/pastel color family outfits. Scroll down and find out why.

a close up view of a pastel rainbow wall decal nursery decor photographed by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer
a front cropped view of a pastel rainbow wall decal nursery decor and a white crib with a geometrical figures mobile
an overview flat lay of a deer cuddle and kind doll on top of a light brown cotton surface next to sonogram photo
a partial window view of an interior design detail of stuffed animals in a white and neutral hues by Paula Ortiz NY
an interior design detail showing a white crib, a grey rocker and pastel wall decal with beautiful window
a macro close up of a newborn's ear and white dress during a photo session at home in Hudson NY
a macro close up in black and white of a newborn's nose and lips during a photo session by Paula Ortiz NY
a macro close up of a newborn's feet during a photo session by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer
a macro close up of a newborn's feet in black and white during a photo session by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer
a black mother nursing her newborn baby girl in bed wearing a light brown dress by Paula Ortiz NY Family Photographer

All rights reserved. Copyright 2024 Photography by Paula Ortiz. New York City Family Photographer.

Nursery decor and Furniture by Crate & Kids, Welst Elm, Cuddle and Kind Doll

Newborn Session Must Haves

A soft, neutral-colored toy (preferably knitted)

A cute heirloom toy is a great way to show scale. When photographing the tiniest newest member of your family, you might want to add an element that shows how tiny indeed they were.

A plush stuffed animal is my go-to. I prefer them knitted because it adds a bit of texture. And in soft neutral colors like beige, off-white, or soft brown, because we want the baby to be the focus. We don't need a bright item that's going to distract the eye. We want something cute and small that will complement the composition.

My personal choice: Cuddle and Kind dolls.

A solid-colored swaddle

Swaddles help more than you think during Newborn sessions. Once the baby is comfortably wrapped like a burrito, most likely he/she'll be relaxed and happy, even sleepy.

The Moro reflex is a normal reflex for an infant when he or she is startled or feels like they are falling. Think of it this way, after months of living all tight and comfy in mom's belly, being on the outside without any pressure or support messes with your sense of space. That is why swaddling makes babies feel supported and safe, it reminds them of being in the womb.

Having a solid-colored swaddle is key, as you don't want any printed or graphic elements to distract you from the baby. Soft pastel colors usually work best, as they convey a bright and airy feeling.

A white onesie

During the session, we want to change the baby the least amount of times possible. We want the baby to be relaxed and happy, and changing too much makes them fuzzy.

This is why I recommend a white onesie or outfit. It guarantees to go well with the family outfits and it becomes the immediate focal point in the composition.

A white onesie also allows for shooting details with a clean background and keeps the baby warm during this part of the session. I prefer the kind that allows the feet and hands to show.

A twist to the classic onesie is a white dress gown or classic romper.

Neutral color family outfits

Family outfits can make or break a session. They are extremely important to help balance the composition and create that "vibe" you love about my photos.

Avoiding big logos and text is key. I also suggest choosing soft neutral colors, preferably in pastel hues and they allow the eye to move easily throughout the frame.

Most importantly, (unless you are shooting a fashion editorial) the outfits should not be the focus point of a photo. The focus is on you! Your family, you, your kids, your husband, your interactions, feelings, and tender moments together should be the first thing that emanates from your pictures,

Expert Tips from a Professional Photographer

I hope these tips help you prepare for your newborn session.

Feel free to reach out as I love to support clients and emerging photographers during their session experience.

And if you find this information helpful, please share! With love, Pau.

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