What's the perfect time to schedule a Newborn session?

The arrival of a newborn is a special and precious time in a family's life. Capturing the first few weeks of a baby's life is a wonderful way to preserve these memories for years to come. What I love the most about Newborn sessions at home is capturing the little details of newborn babies. Their little fingers, hair, skin, tiny lips, and toes. They grow up and change super fast, so these photos are crucial in order to preserve how they looked during the first few weeks of their life.

I recommend booking a Newborn session anytime between one week and 6 weeks. But as I tell all my clients, it all ultimately depends on you, on how you feel, your process, and your journey into accommodating this new rhythm and major life change.

I want parents to feel comfortable during our sessions, I know this can be especially hard on women. So even though it is "ideal" to shoot as early as possible, I'm more inclined to believe that we create the rules as to when it is the right time to schedule a session.

The way we work things out is by booking the session with an open date. Moms share their predicted due dates with me and I make a note in my calendar. After giving birth, moms reach out and we set a date. We usually choose a weekday at the time the baby would be sleeping or after feeding. Once the date and time are settled, I arrive at their home and we enjoy a relaxed, organic session.

Here are some tips on the perfect time to schedule a newborn session.

  1. Timing is everything: The best time to schedule a newborn session is within the first two weeks up until 6 weeks of the baby's life. During this time, the baby is still sleepy and curled up, making it easier to capture those adorable newborn poses.
  2. Schedule in advance: It's important to schedule your newborn session in advance, preferably before the baby is born. This allows you to secure a spot with your preferred photographer and ensures that you don't miss the perfect window of time for newborn photos.
  3. Consider your recovery time: As a new mom, you may need some time to recover after giving birth before you're ready for a photoshoot. It's important to take this into consideration when scheduling your newborn session.
  4. Flexibility is key: Newborns can be unpredictable, and their sleep patterns and moods can change from day to day. It's important to be flexible with your photographer and schedule your session when your baby is most likely to be calm and sleepy.
  5. Plan for breaks: Newborn sessions can take several hours, as there may be breaks for feeding, diaper changes, and comforting the baby. It's important to plan for these breaks and allow plenty of time for the session.
  6. Capture the details: Newborn sessions are not just about capturing cute poses. It's important to capture the details of the baby's features, such as their tiny fingers and toes, and the special bond between the baby and their parents.

In conclusion, the first few weeks of a baby's life are a precious time that passes by quickly. Scheduling a newborn session within the first two weeks of the baby's life is the perfect way to capture these memories and create beautiful, lasting photographs. Remember to plan ahead, be flexible, and capture all the details that make this time in your family's life so special.

an open view of a nursery with boho decor in neutral tones, photo by NYC Family Photographer Paula Ortiz
a detail view of a rainbow wall decor in pastel colors, photo by NYC Family Photographer Paula Ortiz
a detail view of a changing station in a nursery, photo by Paula Ortiz Queens Newborn Photographer
a close up view of a mother holding her newborn child against her chest during a newborn session at home in Queens
a black and white view of a newborn baby boy being held against hims mother's chest, photo by Newborn photographer NYC
a candid scene of a mom bottle feeding her baby during a newborn session at home by NYC Family photographer Paula Ortiz
a detail view of baby's feet during a newborn session at home in Jamaica Estates in Queens NY
a close up view of a sleeping newborn being held by his mom during a newborn lifestyle session at home in Queens NY
a close up detail of newborn's feet against a white backdrop, photo by Paula Ortiz NYC Newborn Photographer
a black and white close up view of a newborn's hand, photo by Newborn Photographer Paula Ortiz

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