Capture the Magic of the Season

Join us for a brief but enchanting holiday mini-session at the iconic Central Park on Sunday, November 26th, 2023. This special session, lasting 20-30 minutes, is designed to perfectly encapsulate the beauty and spirit of the holiday season, making it ideal for families, couples, or individuals seeking memorable images.


Each session is customized to reflect your family's unique holiday traditions and personalities. We ensure that the essence of your holiday spirit shines through in every photograph.


Our Holiday sessions are conceptualized with a distinct approach in mind, catering to those who prefer a departure from heavily staged setups. Our goal is to provide you with captivating images that transcend the holiday season, allowing you to enjoy their timeless appeal throughout the entire year.


The iconic backdrop of the city that never sleeps serves as an iconic canvas, offering an exquisite backdrop that complements our mini sessions flawlessly. For this year's edition, we have chosen Central Park as our exclusive stage.


We know that holiday photos are often used for cards and gifts, so we ensure a speedy delivery of your images, allowing you to share your holiday spirit with friends and family in a timely manner. Expect a swift turnaround time of just 10 days to receive your digital images.



Our holiday mini-session is a convenient 20-30 minutes long, ensuring a quick and delightful experience. Please note that this session is not reschedulable, as it is a one-of-a-kind mini session. Secure your spot and ensure you capture the holiday magic on November 26th.

Expert Photography

You'll have the undivided attention of a skilled photographer who specializes in creating stunning, high-quality images that tell your unique story.

Digital Treasures

Receive 15 high-resolution digital images that capture the magic of the session. These images are perfect for sharing, printing, and cherishing for years to come.

Designed for Families

This mini-session is tailored for up to two adults (parents or a couple) and up to two siblings, ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience for your loved ones. Dogs are welcome too!

Why Choose a Mini Session?

Mini sessions are perfect for those seeking a taste of professional photography without the commitment of a full session. Whether you're capturing cherished family moments or celebrating the joy of the season, our holiday mini-session at Central Park provides you with a delightful, efficient, and expertly crafted experience.

Investment: $450

Don't miss this unique opportunity to commemorate the holiday season with beautiful images. Reserve your spot for our Central Park holiday mini-session on November 26th and let us help you create lasting memories.

Elegant Holiday Session Poster - Join us for Festive 2023 Holiday Sessions with NYC Photographer Paula Ortiz
Adorable Little Girl Playing with Santa Cape in NYC Studio - Paula Ortiz NYC Family Photographer
Holiday Studio Session: Candid Moments of a Young Girl Enjoying a Santa Cape - NYC Family Photographer Paula Ortiz
Festive Family Moments: Plaza Hotel Background in Holiday Session by NYC Photographer Paula Ortiz
Holiday Joy on Fifth Avenue: NYC Family Photographer Paula Ortiz Captures Family Crossing the Street
Home for the Holidays: Mom, Dad, and Baby Girl with Christmas Tree in NYC - Paula Ortiz Photography
Playful Holiday Antics: Baby Girl Inside Trunk Reaching for Christmas Ornament - Paula Ortiz Photography
Warmth of Togetherness: Earth-Toned Family Embracing in Studio Session by Paula Ortiz
Adorable Father-Daughter Moment: Black and White Close-Up in Holiday Editorial - Paula Ortiz Photography
Central Park Family Candid: Mom, Dad, Baby Son, and Toddler Daughter in Heartwarming Moment photo by Paula Ortiz NYC
Serene Sunset at Shakespeare Garden: Family on Bench in NYC - Paula Ortiz Photography
Cozy Holiday Pajamas: Mom, Baby Boy, and Toddler Daughter on Bed in Home Session by Paula Ortiz
Sibling Bond in Holiday Pajamas: Heartwarming Family Moment Captured by Paula Ortiz
Sisterly Love: Heartwarming Moment from Above as Little Sister Kisses Older Sister's Hand - Paula Ortiz Photography
Capturing Family Moments: Black and White Shot from an Outdoor Holiday Session photo by Paula Ortiz NYC

All rights reserved. Copyright 2023 Paula Ortiz. NYC Family Photographer.


This holiday season, consider preserving the magic of your family's traditions with a Holiday Session, and let your memories shine through every beautifully captured image.

Festive Holiday Session: Ornament-Styled Prints Arranged in Beautiful Flat Lay photos by Paula Ortiz NYC family photos

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