A Family Session in Bethesda Terrace

Bethesda Terrace is one of the most iconic and picturesque spots in New York City. It's a perfect location for a family photo session that captures the spirit of the city and the essence of your family.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a family at Bethesda Terrace, and it was an experience that I will always treasure. The family wanted to capture their time in New York City in a way that would be memorable and meaningful.

As we walked through the park towards Bethesda Terrace, the family was filled with excitement and anticipation. They were dressed in coordinating outfits, and they looked beautiful against the backdrop of the park. Their baby boy was giggling and running ahead, and the parents were smiling and holding hands.

When we arrived at Bethesda Terrace, the family was awestruck by the beauty of the location. The sun was setting behind the terrace, casting a warm glow over everything. The family was surrounded by beautiful architecture, including the famous arches that frame the fountain.

We began by taking some group shots of the family in front of the fountain. Their child posed for the camera, and the parents held him close. The love that this family had for each other was evident in every shot.

Next, we moved to the stairs of the terrace. The family sat on the steps and snuggled up together. They looked out over the park, and I snapped some candid shots of them laughing and talking.

As the sun began to set, we took some more posed shots of the family. The light was perfect, and the terrace provided a beautiful backdrop. The family looked elegant and sophisticated, and the photos turned out beautifully.

Throughout the session, the family was relaxed and happy. They were enjoying their time together, and it showed in the photos. I was able to capture the love and connection between them, and I know that these photos will be treasured for years to come.

Bethesda Terrace is an incredible location for a family photo session. The beauty of the location, combined with the love and connection of your family, creates a truly special experience. If you're looking for a way to capture your time in New York City, or if you just want to create some beautiful memories with your family, I highly recommend a family session at Bethesda Terrace.

Central Park family session at the Bethesda Terrace
a candid view of a couple interacting with their toddler captured by Paula Ortiz NYC Family photographer
a mother carries her child at the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park during a family session
a young father carries his son during a family session in Central Park, New York
an outdoors family photo shoot in Central Park
a mother sits at the Bethesda Terrace stairs during a family session captured by Paula Ortiz
outdoor family session in Central Park, New York
Central Park family photo shoot captured by NYC family photographer Paula Ortiz
a young black couple walks down the stairs at Bethesda Terrace while holding their toddler son during a family session
a father holds his toddler son over his shoulders while smiling, captured by NYC Family Photographer Paula Ortiz

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